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Name: Zhao Qixiang
Position: CEO
Know-how and Skills:
a wealth of managerialexperience in large foreign companies, PCB raw materials procurement and supply chain management; with unique administrative services management methods; familiar with IPO operation; good communication and coordination ability.

Name: Chen Yong
Position: Deputy General Manager
Know-how and Skills:
experienced in market development and
familiar with the domestic electronics market, excellentcommunication and negotiation skills, a wealth of experience in customer development and maintenance, price negotiation, quality problem solving, etc.

Name: Zhu Guoqiang
Position: Director of Finance Center
Know-how and Skill:
many years of financial management experience in large enterprises; familiar with national tax laws and regulations,financial analysis, financial cost management and ERP process control; understanding of listed company's financial management processes and related regulations.

Name: Hu Shuzhen
Position: Deputy GM of Business Center
Know-how and Skill:
familiar with PCB market operation management; plenty of experience in market development, price negotiation, production process control, customer maintenance and after-sales service; acquainted with HK and Taiwan electronics market; excellent communication and negotiation skill, along with good coordination ability.

Name: Daniel Wong

Position: Assistant to CEO and the Genneral Manager of Engineering Technology R&D Center .

Know-how and Skill:

More than 20 years of management experience in large-scale foreign-funded enterprises. Unique insights into overall enterprise development planning, team building, medium- and long-term development strategy planning and market development. Been engaged in PCB technology research and development for many years, and is proficient in the processing technology of high-level multi-layer, HDI, RFPCB, FPCB, SLP, SLP and other types products. Excellent communication, organization and coordination capabilities.

Name: Zhou Dingzhong
Position: General Manager of MLB Business Unit
Know-how and Skill:
working in PCB industry for many years, with excellent leadership; expert at the management of production,quality, target, process and performance; with effective mathod of team execution and production efficiency improvement.

Name: Chen Jian
Position: General Manager of HDI Business Unit
Know-how and Skill:
He has 20 years of experience in working and management of large foreign PCB companies, familiar with PCB (especially HDI) process, production and quality control, rich production management, product introduction, internal and external quality management experience, familiar with lean production, 6 sigma, good communication and coordination skills.

Name: Zhang Ruping
Position: Director of Admin. Managemen Center
Know-how and Skill:
woking experience in Propaganda Dept. of Party Organization; over 20 years' management experience in large state-owned enterprise;experienced in administrative and logistics management and human resources; having a solid writing skill; good at copywriting and skilled inpromotion of corporate culture construction projects; advocating human-based management and cultural management

Name: George Dudnikov
Position: CTO
Know-how and Skill:
As a senior executive in the United States well-known enterprises for many years, he has a wealth of  management experience and unique approach for PCB technology research 、 development、operation and manufacturing process.

Name: Xiong Houyou
Position: General Manager Assistant
Know-how and Skill:
a wealth of experience in the PCB industry andquite familiar with PCB production process and quality control; with comprehensive operation management experience, e.g. six modules ofHRmanagement, administrative management,supply chain management and logistics management; familiar withmaterial procurement and cost control.

Name: Yang Hongyan
Position: CPO
Know-how and Skill:
More than 10 years of PCB industry working experience; as a production and quality supervisor, familiar with all processes and equipment; good at supplier management and business negotiation;  with excellent executive and team management ability.

Name: Yin huibin
Position: GM of Quality Center
Know-how and Skill:

Position: With more than 20 years of work and management experience in large foreign-funded PCB enterprises; familiar with PCB design engineering, quality management, production management, product development, cost control and personnel management, etc.

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